Notice of Race

World Championship 2018 – St. Peter Ording

29.09. – 05.10.2018

 Organizer: Yacht Club St. Peter Ording e.V.

The championship is open to the following classes:

Class II
Class III
Class Standart
Class V
Class Promo
Class MY Sport
Class MY Spirit

Number of Participants

Class II, III, Standart, V & MY
Max. 10 male pilots per class and country
Max. 10 female pilots per class and country

Class Promo – open

Racing Rules
All races will be governed by the latest version of the FISLY International sailing and racing rules ( I.S.R.R.) / (R.I.R.C). Furthermore pilots must comply with any special rules for the event that maybe released and indicated additionally.

Entry and Eligibility
The races are open to land yachts according to the above mentioned FISLY classes.

It is mandatory for every pilot to comply with chapter 6 – Pilots Requirements – according to I.S.R.R..

Competitors under 18 years of age shall present a signed and completed parent or legal guardian’s declaration.

Entry Fee
The required entry fee per pilot is €195.00 (including the € 15,00 FISLY fee).

You have to pay €15,00  directly to FISLY and €180,00  to:

Yachtclub St. Peter – Ording

IBAN: DE77 2175 0000 0045 0026 64
Do not forget to enter your name and your sail number on the transfer.

If the FISLY fee is not already paid, you have to do it here:

Registration is mandatory via the website ​ ​ until July 31st, 2018.

The FISLY International Sailing and Racing Rules  (I.S.R.R.)
By entering the event all competitors confirm that they understand and will obey the I.S.R.R. .Competitors also confirm that they fully understand all the I.S.R.R. rules and regulations.

Each pilot must be insured including a valid third party liability insurance per event or the equivalent:

Required coverage (minimum):
€ 10.000.000,00 physical injury / property damage
€ 100.000,00 pecuniary loss
(per liability case)

Participants must present a proof of this insurance at the moment of registration. They must also have the international license of FISLY.

Social Events
October 1st, 2018 – Social Event I   ( Oldest Sandyacht Shirt Contest)
October 3rd, 2018 – Social Event II ( Rocktoberfest)
October 5th, 2018 – Final Dinner

 Disclaimer of Liability
The responsibility for the decision of the pilot to participate in a race or to continue it, is solely his/her responsibility which means that the pilot takes the responsibility for his yacht and the equipment. Competitors accept all liabilities for their actions during the whole event.

The organizers of the event, the sponsors and the County Council and or any of their agents will not accept any liability for material loss, theft, personal injury or death sustained before, during or after racing. By entering all competitors agree to this statement.

The race officials and organizing committee reserves the right to remove a competitor from any race if they are considered to be a danger to themselves or a risk to others.

In cases of Force Majeure or for safety reasons the organizer is entitled to make changes in the realisation of the event or to cancel the event entirely. In these cases there does not exist any liability for compensation on the part of the organizer to the participants.

The German law and regulations are applied.

Meals and drinks will be offered, according to the proposal of the gastronomy in the club (YCSPO) or in the tent. Dinner can be pre-booked for special Social Events during registration.

Accomodation / Camping
Please consult: